News: New Community Garden in Surfside

Garden Fosters a Green and Healthy Option for Residents

The city of Surfside dedicated their first new community garden last Saturday. The garden is completely organic allowing Surfside residents access to grow their own healthy vegetables.

Surfside Mayor Daniel E. Dietch opened the new community garden on Dickens Avenue and 89th Street with pride.

“As Mayor, I am thrilled to announce the opening of Surfside’s first community garden. To see this project transition from concept to reality is amazing and could not be done without the joint commitment of dedicated residents and our Commission and staff. Projects like these strengthen the fabric of our community and help build a sustainable future for Surfside. I look with excitement to further collaborations that make Surfside a great community in which to live, work, visit, raise a family and enjoy life.”

Dylan Terry of Ready-to-Grow Gardens constructed the garden beds of a Greenheart design using rich soil and organic fertilizers. The company’s mission is to give people access to local, nutritious and safe food sources through assessable organic edible garden design, installation, and maintenance.

The garden, while built with funding approved by the Town Commission, is managed by the Surfside Urban Gardeners; a non-profit organization formed by and for Surfside residents. Melissa Moonves, the organization’s president, said, “Every time I drove by the Miami Beach Community Garden I thought how wonderful it would be to have one in Surfside. After learning the town wanted to create a community garden, I knew I would do whatever it took to help make it happen. There’s nothing like picking your own fresh vegetables – nothing like a tomato with flavor! Now that we have created the Surfside Urban Gardeners to oversee the community garden, it’s been a way to meet neighbors, create a sense of community and learn about gardening; a win-win for all.”

Pictured Below Right: Front Row (left to right): Mayor Daniel Dietch; Surfside Urban Gardeners Club President Melissa Moonves; club Secretary Dayana Morillo; Tourism, Economic Development & Community Services Director Duncan Tavares; club Treasurer Jessica Flax. Back Row (left to right): Town Manager Roger M. Carlton, Ready-To-Grow President Dylan Terry.

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