News: New Drive in Movie Theater Opens in Miami


A new drive in movie theater is set to soft open this weekend in Wynwood. The Blue Starlite Miami Urban Drive-In has been touted as the world’s first mini urban Drive-in movie theater with modern amenities.

With space for around 18 cars and ten tables for walk-up’s, the owners have created a very intimate drive-in movie watching experience complete with vintage drive-in speakers to hear the movie with. The drive-in will feature authentic concessions, real drive-in movie speakers and screens Baby Boomer and Gen X/Y childhood favorites, indie films, art house, cult, and drive-in classics. It is a totally unique experience that appeals to hipsters seeking a happening, yet authentic, entertainment experience.

The Opening is set for October 9th and the first flick shown will be Moon Over Miami.

The parent company is based in Austin, but plans to bring the concept to Miami were announced a few months ago. The drive-in is located in Wynwood at 70 NW 29th Street.

Another service that the owners are offering is their The Mobile Mini Urban Drive-in where they bring their custom vintage car projection booth and screen, along with our real working drive-in speakers and FM radio transmission to your home.

Rates starts at $950 for central Miami for up to 100 people and that includes The Drive-in on wheels, operator, equipment, 5 hour event and a portable concession stand!

Pre Grand Opening Preview Schedule:

September 18: 8:30pm Pretty In Pink

September 19: 8:30pm Fast Times at Ridgemont High and The Wild Life (double feature)

September 20: 8:30pm The Princess Bride

September 21: 8:30pm Grease

Grand Opening Movie Schedule:

October 9: 8:00pm Moon Over Miami Grand Opening

October 10: 8:00pm American Graffiti

October 11: 7:45pm Back to the Future

October 12: 7:45pm The Goonies

October 17: 7:45pm The Birds

Ticket packages range from $25 to $60. Visit here.

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