News: No Set Date on NBV Strip Club Hearing Make Opponents Uneasy

To the chagrin of some residents, no date is currently set for the commission hearing of a building proposal that might bring a strip club to North Bay Village.

The proposal was not heard at the December commission meeting, and it has opponents fearing it might be slipped into a special meeting with very little public notice beforehand.

“I hate to see the type of parliamentary deception that happened last year,” said Kevin Vericker, a blogger on the city, and opponent of the strip club.

He is referring to a previous strip club proposal that was heard at a special commission meeting that Vericker feels had inadequate public notice for the important topic.

“I would hope that the commission, when and if these plans come before you, would commit to do this at a regular meeting with the usual adequate notice,” he told the commission at the meeting.

“It makes it very difficult for the residents to be prepared to discuss the issues on hand,” he said.

Others similarly found it strange the topic was not on the agenda.

“I did assume it was going to be in the agenda someway or another tonight,”said resident Penelope Friedland when she rose up to speak. “I think quite a few people did.”

Scott Greenwald, the lead developer of the proposed adult entertainment complex, scoffed at the idea that a conspiracy was behind the omission of the proposal in the December commission meeting. He told the SunPost that it was being held up while traffic studies were being reviewed.

Interim City Manager Robert Daniels told the SunPost that the city will probably schedule a special meeting for the strip club hearing to handle the sheer volume of interest and discussion.

“We would be here until 2 in the morning if we had it in a normal city commission meeting,” he said.

No date however, is set for that special meeting.

The NBV commission did not respond to Vericker or the handful of other residents that brought up the topic because the strip club was not on the agenda. The City Attorney advised commissioners during the meeting that discussing the topic in this meeting would be “inappropriate.”

In the same spirit, a request by Commissioner Frank Rodriquez to add a petition presentation by citizens against the strip club to the December meeting was denied.

Residents have been collecting signatures to voice the outrage they would feel if an adult entertainment complex would be allowed to became a neighbor. According to Vericker the number of signatures totals above 1,000 residents. That number has not been verified by the SunPost.

Rodriquez says he was similarly told that any evidence brought before the commission must be done at the time of the actual hearing due to the quasi-judicial nature of the hearing. It is no surprise that Rodriquez would not be squeamish over introducing such a controversial presentation to the agenda: “I have been oppose to it since day one,” he told the SunPost about the adult complex.

Holiday event in NBV

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