News: North Bay Village Commissioner Resigns

Once again the North Bay Village Commission will look different.

Commissioner Frank Rodriguez resigned from his Treasure Island seat last week. In his letter of resignation he wrote that the decision came after a lot of consideration and consulting with his family, but little to no information as to the reason.

“I feel that it is appropriate at this time to seriously reevaluate my future as a member of the City Commission,” Rodriguez wrote.

The resignation becomes official January 31st.

The seat will be opened for residents who reside on Treasure Island. Customarily applicants submit a letter of interest to the city, then present their case to the commission. According to city ordinance a majority of the remaining commission then votes on the candidate of their choice. That candidate will serve out the term until the next general election.

“It caught me by surprise,” said fellow Commissioner Richard Chervony of the resignation.

Chervony himself was appointed to the commission when a seat was left vacant following the resignation of Mayor Corina Esquijarosa. Esquijarosa was facing a recall lead by Chervony’s former group, Citizens for Full Disclosure. Rodriguez was the lone vote against Chervony’s appointment.

“We are not always in disagreement,” Chervony said of Rodriguez’s views. It’s those views he says he will miss from the outgoing commissioner.

“I would like to hear the voice of the opposition,” Chervony told the SunPost. He feels the minority view needs representation on the commission.

In the short time this current commission was in tact, many of the votes had Rodriguez voting against the other commissioners.

Often there would be tense moments between Rodriguez and fellow commissioners. An initiative he brought to the chambers in December to have all city board meetings recorded received a frosty reception. He withdrew it to present it to the new incoming City Manager at a later date.

“Maybe he saw the writings on the wall,” Chervony told the SunPost.

Rodriguez did not return communications from the SunPost.

Local Blogger Kevin Vericker wrote in NBV Reality that it came as ‘no surprise.’

“Looking at how the commission is constituted, there was nothing left for a single independent voice to do,” Vericker wrote.

Another fixture of city politices, Fane Lozman had harsher words for the out going commissioner: “Goodbye and Good riddance to Commissioner Frank Rodriguez.

“He can join his soul mate former Mayor Corina Esquijarosa and whine about how no likes him either,” Lozman said. “And you can quote me on that.”

Others were sad to see him go, as in the case of Morris Shaftal- a once 29-year city resident that still attends meetings regularly.

“I feel bad about his having to take the step as he took,” Shaftal told the SunPost. “ I feel he always always had the welfare of the citizens and the city of North Bay Village foremost.”


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