News: Party like a State Attorney

Drunken Prosecutor Arrested in South Beach.

A drunken Assistant State Attorney really wanted to get into Purdy Lounge in Miami Beach, and waiting in line wasn’t an option.

What Adam Finkel did get into Sunday morning was police custody, arguably the night cap to the more wilder nights on South Beach.

According to the police report, the belligerent 26-year-old prosecutor was asked to leave the establishment by the doorman- that just inspired Finkel to rush the door.

When the doorman held out his hand to stop him, the prosecutor “took an aggressive fighting stance.”

That’s when an off duty officer got involved and tried to persuade him to leave.

Finkel responded by flashing his gold SAO badge and saying “We work on the same side.”

The officer was not impressed and continued to ask him to leave.

The prosecutor then proclaimed “you have no right or authority to tell me what to do.”

That’s when things took a physical turn says the arrest report, Finkel placed his hands on the chest of the officer and inched closer to his face.

“I told Finkel several times to stop pushing me and calm down,” wrote arresting Officer Alfredo Alvarez in the report.

Finkel continued to push the officer and exclaimed he was the one that would dictate how things would go. He even dropped the gem: “I will do what I want there is nothing you can do about it.”

According to Alvarez, Finkel was emitting a strong order of alcohol, had blood shot eyes, and was slurring his speech.

When it became clear that Finkel was not going to leave the scene, Alvarez attempted to put him in custody. He got one cuff on, then the prosecutor pushed away and began to spin in circles. He was eventually detained.

According to the Herald’s David Ovalle, Finkel has been suspended without pay.

Judging by a handful of incidents this year, the Miami State Attorney’s Office knows how to bring the debauchery.

The festivities started with prosecutor Ari Pregen who waived his badge at strip club in an attempt to have certain on-premises fees waived. A cheaper lap dance proved costly as the club’s manager complained to his bosses.

In May prosecutor Caycie Flitman was arrested after she fled the scene of an accident.

At the end of the ordeal Finkle changed his tune, reportedly telling Alvarez: “You did the right thing officer and you did exactly as you were supposed to.”

Damn right.

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