News: Putt Putt on the Rooftop of Lincoln Road Garage Approved

Demand for Lincoln Road retail properties has heated up in recent months, with big-ticket deals such as the $139 million purchase of 801, 826 and 719 Lincoln Road, which are currently leased by Fossil, Dylan’s Candy Bar and Kiehl’s by a partnership affiliated with Terranova and Acadia Realty Trust. Not to mention the $132 million that Vornado paid for 1100 Lincoln Road five months ago.

And now in a new twist, the Miami Beach Design Review Board approved a rooftop putt putt course.

The Lincoln Road Putting Club is the brainchild of Glen Boyer, director of development at PLC Investments. Boyer, with the help of Architects Berenblum Busch applied to the MBDRB to convert the rooftop of the Lincoln Garage on Lincoln Road into a miniature golf course that is slated to open in 2014. The Michigan Avenue building currently houses the Lucky Strike bowling alley.

Boyer’s initiative for The Putting Club is to provide a new wave of rooftop entertainment to residing families on Lincoln Road. The Club is to provide a family oriented, activity-based entertainment alternative within the Miami Beach city center with a design that relates to its tropical setting, its Lincoln Road adjacency, and its rooftop location.  The project converts approximately 20,000 SF of rooftop parking into a tropical garden, miniature gold course and restaurant area. This project is going to be the first of its kind and may serve as a prototype for future similar projects in the U.S.

Commissioner Michael Gongora weighs in on the boards decision;

“”While this certainly sounds like an interesting idea to add a family friendly recreational facility near Lincoln Road, I am somewhat concerned by this projects proximity to a residential neighborhood. While I have not had the opportunity to fully review the Design Review Board decision yet I look forward to analyzing this in the best interests of the residents of Miami Beach.”

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