News: Run-in With the Former City Manager

There were many recognizable faces at the Micheal Gongora announcement this past Tuesday. One of them was Former City Manager Jorge Gonzalez. There is speculation that Gonzalez is planning a return to City Hall this election cycle.

The SunPost asked him if he was planning on running for either the commission or for mayor:

“I’m exploring all my options,” said Gonzalez.

The former city manager instantly found a friendlier face to chat up, and denied he was spending his time on the golf course.

When his attention was again regained, the SunPost asked Gonzalez if a possible campaign of his might have a negative tint to it with all the recent corruption surrounding the city he said:

“There is going to be a negative tint to any campaign for anyone that runs for anything. That is just the nature to politics. I served here for 12 years with distinction. And if you look around at Miami Beach and it’s a far better place than it was 12 years ago. A lot of that has to do with my contributions as City Manager. “

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