News: Southgate Restaurant? Residents Wary

Renovation plans by a West Avenue apartment complex, including the construction of a 200-seat indoor/outdoor restaurant, have some area residents wary.

Representatives of Gumenick Properties, owners of Southgate Towers (900 West Ave.), described their plans before a meeting of the West Avenue Corridor Neighborhood Association, Dec. 11.

The renovation, projected to take two years, will encompass the fa├žade, landscaping, pool redesign, apartment unit upgrades, and other facility upgrades.

But it was a proposed on-site restaurant, featuring valet parking, that drew opposition from the audience, many of whom are concerned about its potential impact on the neighborhood.

Zoning at the Southgate allows for a restaurant; one used to exist there. But residents want it relocated to elsewhere within the property, instead of being entered from 10th St. They want a noise buffer against traffic and preservation of the bay view.

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