Politics: Steve Berke Wants to Make A Movie, and Be Your Mayor

Steve Berke

Steve Berke has entered the Miami Beach Mayoral race the way you might expect him to, with a video on the internet.

The comedian and activist officially entered the race for Miami Beach Mayor this week, and also announced a Kickstarter campaign to finance a movie about corruption in the political process.

“During my run for mayor I discovered what politics was really about,” said Berke in his video. The movie would be called “Follow the Money,” and it hopes expose the dirty underbelly of Miami Beach Politics.

“[Miami Beach] is one of the most cities in America,” Berke says about the city since he last ran.

“Scandal, after scandal, after scandal.”

It appears Berke has some contributors working on this film with real journalistic experience covering Miami Beach. The SunPost was unable to confirm this by print time. If so, the video might not be an expensive goof, but it will be expensive.

Berke, according to the his Kickstarter self-financing agreement, must raise $190,000 by July 22nd to make the movie. If not it’s off. According to Berke, the money raised by the Kickstarter campaign will not go to his political campaign.

Movie or not, Berke is running. Wednesday afternoon he officially filed at city hall. He is getting in late to a crowded field of campaigns with big names and large bank accounts.

Michael Gongora has raised $125,813.65 with $25,000 as a self-loan. Jerry Libbin has raised $45,920.99, and Philip Levine has loaned himself $100,000 with only $300 coming in contributions.

Berke has already come out swinging at his opponents.

“Two of them are incumbents on the commission who allowed for all this corruption to take place under their watch,” he said.

Berke ran against Mayor Bower in the last election. He came in second in a field of four with 23.32 % of the vote.

Berke’s video plea can be found on Kickstarter.com or here.

“Someone needs to put an end to this systematic culture of corruption,” says Berke.

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