News: The 12th Annual Chanukah Festivities on Lincoln Road Start Next Week

Look out Instagram! The famous Seashell Menorah and Dreidel are coming back to Lincoln Road.

As next week marks the start of Chanukah, with it comes eight nights of festivities around the pedestrian mall’s Euclid Oval. For over a decade the 13-foot displays, and their nearly 25,000 sea shells, have played a memorable part of Miami Beach’s festive season.

Starting on Wednesday November 27 and continuing until December 4 the torches will be lit on the iconic SeaShell Menorah according to the corresponding day in the Jewish Holiday.

“The lighting of the Menorah acts as a beacon of light, and a hope for peace,” said Rabbi Zev Katz of Chabad Miami Beach.

Rabbi Katz is sending everyone an invitation to attend the nightly festivities. Each night will include live music, Chanukah Doughnuts, and Hot Latkes.

Sunday December 1st at 5:30 PM will be this year’s main event and will feature music by David Lazerson, better known as Dr Laz.

Lazerson is as well-renowned for his music as his work in special education. Through music he has tried to reach those with profound special needs. His methods have won him numerous “Teacher of the Year” awards. He is also credited with helping sew a community back together after a race riot. His exploits were eventually turned into a movie staring Howie Mandel as Dr Laz.

His music has been described as an energetic blend of many styles, family friendly, and interactive.

Children will also have an opportunity to interact with “The world’s largest spinning Dreidel.”

The famous Dreidel and Menorah were constructed by local Activist and Artist Roger Abramson. It’s a source of pride for the long-time Miami Beach resident. He has told the SunPost that he has resisted suggestions to monetize the widely known displays, instead offering it as a gift to community.

That gift sometimes becomes vandalized. Last year the hateful words “you killed Jesus” were scrawled near the display.

At the time Abramson told WSVN of it’s history of becoming vandalized: “The very first year, it was dealt a great deal of violence, and that’s why we built it out of shells, because the first year it was torn down three times.”

As a result of the scrawled hate speech, residents prayed for religious tolerance in front of the display.

Lighting the Menorah will fall on selected community leaders or by picking a random person in attendance.

Most nights the celebration will start at 6:00 PM., except when honoring the Sabbath. On Friday November 29, organizers are asking people to show up at 5:00 PM sharp. On Saturday November 30th, the festivities will begin at 7 in the evening.

“During the month that the Menorah is displayed on Lincoln Road, it becomes a bridge of understanding between different cultures, as well as being the festive annual Chanukah celebration for the Jewish Community,” said Rabbi Katz.

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