News: TrAC, Miami’s First Political Action Committee Dedicated to Transit Lauches

Katy Sorenson

Miami’s new Transit Action Committee, or TrAC for short, a citizen-organized political action committee, is proud to announce its formation and official launch this week. TrAC invites all residents of Miami-Dade to attend the launch party on Thursday, September 5th and share their ideas and concerns about transit in their neighborhoods.

TrAC was founded in response to the lack of political will in Miami behind transit improvements, resulting in limited transit options, inadequate bus and rail systems, and unsafe bike and pedestrian infrastructure. TrAC seeks to shift how voters in Miami think about development, traffic, and growth — moving away from a car-centric mentality toward a long-term vision for a city planned and designed for people and communities.

On Thursday, September 5th at 6 pm, TrAC will officially kick off with a launch party at Blackbird Ordinary in Brickell (729 SW 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33130). Guest speakers include Katy Sorenson, President & CEO of the Good Government Initiative, and Carol Coletta, new Vice President for Community & National Initiatives at the Knight Foundation.

The first organization of its kind in Miami, TrAC, a non-partisan committee, will support candidates, elected officials, and policy initiatives dedicated to improving the quality and safety of our transit, mobility and planning choices, and advocate for the expansion and growth of our public transportation options.

TrAC believes the development of transportation options is key to Miami’s future growth and viability. Improved mobility options will in turn benefit a variety of factors: access, opportunity, environment, quality of life, health, community growth, economic development, and the building of social capital. TrAC envisions a city where transportation is based on choice and convenience, and where residents are not encumbered by a single dominant, limited mobility option — but instead enjoy ‘freedom in movement’.

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