News: Wastewater Line Break in Miami Beach- UPDATE

Precautionary Advisory Still in Effect for Collins Canal, Indian Creek & Surprise Lake.

The precautionary advisory to avoid contact with water has been updated. The ban was lifted from Biscayne Bay; however, Collins Canal, Indian Creek and Surprise Lake are still under the advisory. Drinking water remains safe for use.

Crews continue to work in the area of the broken wastewater line in the City Center/Convention Center area, between Meridian Avenue and Convention Center Drive. Crews are conducting exploratory excavations in preparation for final repairs. The work performed left the system operational while additional repairs will be performed to the failed wastewater line.

The city continues to work with environmental agencies to ensure the safety of surrounding waterways. Miami-Dade County Department of Environmental Resource Management and the Florida Department of Health will continue sampling the waters.

Questions/Answers: 305.604.CITY(2489)

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