North Shore Library Demolition an Urban Myth


Rumors of the demise of the North Shore Library in Miami Beach have been greatly exaggerated, reaching the point of “urban myth” according to one Miami-Dade County Library System Official.

“The Miami-Dade Public Library System has no plans to demolish the North Shore Branch Library, which is owned by the City of Miami Beach,” wrote Sylvia Mora-Oña, MDPLS Public Services assistant director to SunPost last week. “I think this issue has become sort of an ‘urban legend’ in that area.”

Rumors of the possible demolition of the North Beach library have run rampant in the community in recent months, at least. That’s possibly because of planned development of an adjacent property and also because of the age and condition of the North Shore library.

The spokesperson for the City of Miami Beach agreed that there are no plans on the drawing board for the destruction of the library, situated in one of the city’s neediest and youngest communities.

“We do own the library building; however, Miami-Dade County operates the library system,” wrote a city spokesperson. “The City of Miami Beach currently does not have any plans to do anything with the building. There are very preliminary internal discussions about creating a government annex facility in North Beach where the community could access all public services from a single location; however, we do not have a location for this concept at this time.”

A representative of the North Beach Development Corporation (NBDC) said the confusion among the public might be a result of plans to develop a parcel on an adjacent property, but demolition of the library is not on the drawing board.

Worried parties need not worry that the library is going to be lost to the community, and residents are pleased.

“It would be absurd to take the library away for any amount of time from a community that has so many young people and so many needs,” said Angelina Broma, a waitress and parent of two. “This community isn’t as affluent as some in Miami Beach and certainly does not have the options that more affluent communities have. This library is very much needed by everyone in the community.”

North Beach is in the midst of much-anticipated redevelopment, but community leaders insist that losing the North Shore library isn’t on the table for negotiation.

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