Op Ed: The U.S. Has One of the Worst Immigration Policies

With reference to article “Immigration plan bridges party gap,” The Miami Herald. Tuesday, 29 of January, 2013:

It is amazing that while considering rules regarding immigration, principally for Mexicans and other Latin Americans, Cubans are not mentioned.

Do Cubans have any special abilities to be offered such as attractive perks that can be insulting for other people from Latin America, such is the “ dry foot wet foot policy?”

Why is it that close to half of the Cuban population resides in America, while countries who donated men to fight in wars side by side with our soldiers do not enjoy such privilege? As an example I can mention Brazil, a country who provides us with food and that has been on our side for many years. How is it that they are not favored as Cubans are? No dry/wet foot for them?

We have one of the worst immigration policies in America and I strongly believe that countries that are our friends should be given preference despite that suffering and abuse are factors for the favoring of Cubans.

In many countries people have been abused by dictators and tyrants.  If we will allow everyone who has been unfairly treated to move to America we will fill our country with damaged people, and the crime, as is patent in Miami, will be bigger and bigger.

What is America other than the a country in which people are thought to be created equal? and in which everyone is offered the same opportunities? Then, why is it that we are in the habit of favoring one country against the other? especially in situations such as in Miami, the place in which the Cuban mafia rules and the good, hardworking decent Cubans are relegated to back places? Furthermore, our policy toward various countries shows such irregularities that are an embarrassment for every American.

The so-called Immigration Plan will work for the ones who can afford to hire a lawyer, and others will be receiving benefits such as money, housing, food, and medical attention, while others are left behind to suffer.  For example, Mexicans enter America to collect the crop under the sun and are abused by gangsters, but we turn our backs on them. They also enter illegally and there is not much we can do about it other than to build more fences.

So what is the idea of the Immigration Plan? Is it to continue separating people by giving some of them special privileges and nothing to others? We give special opportunity and favor ones against others but do we make it fair for all, as is the idealism of our nation? – Alejandro Arce

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