OpEd: Why this epidemic? Why are we killing each other?

Twenty seven wooden stand in a yard down the street from the Sandy Hook School December 16 in Newtown. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

By Alejandro Arce

Dear Mr. President:

The whole country is in mourning because of the barbaric killing of innocent children and teachers in a town similar to many others in our United States.

After all the news reports and commentaries, after seeing on TV men dressed for combat, acting similarly to what we see on a daily basis in TV crime shows, and after all the paranoia surrounding the place where the Connecticut shootings were committed, the question is: What do we intend to do in order to solve the epidemic problem we are suffering, as a result of the use of weapons?

With all due respect, I say it appears that Congress and our legislators are more interested in trivialities than in effectively stopping the wanton use of these weapons.

And then the investigation to find the causes for such barbaric killings uses tremendous amounts of money and effort of the many police agencies we have, while more and more weapons are still in the hands of demented people, vicious killers, and every one of the imbeciles who swear that without their weapons at home, they will not be safe.

Are we still a nation of the sheriff killing the bad guys in front of the cantina? In this case, in front of the school? Or will we, for the sake of God, start regulating the selling and acquisition of weapons and more weapons?

Do we really have to have weapons, and even teach our children to use them, and make them believe that weapons are the solution for every problem we create? Or are we going to use the money we spend in excess for military purposes or for hunting, as if life were a Hollywood parody, or at home to defend ourselves from imagined attackers?

Or perhaps instead of using such funds for such waste of time, are we going to use them for better education, including the teaching of logics, ethics, and principles, instead of emphasizing physical brutalities?

Mr. President, it is obvious that we in America have and use more weapons than other civilized countries in the world. We being a religious country, as we claim to be, that also claims to be a peaceful one, why are we killing each other on a daily basis, using deadly weapons? When are we going to truly regulate the selling and use of unnecessary weapons, especially at home, where children or quasi-demented teenagers can have access to them?

With all due respect, from a citizen who is just as upset as you are.

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