Politics: Our Election Process, Full Of Innuendo, Insults And Brutality

What a good example for our Miami/Dade children are the, so many, election procedures we schedule. For one reason or the other, such scheduling falls so close that as one of the winning candidates said after being accused of not voting in the past, most voters don’t comply with voting (I believe close to 75 % of the voters in Miami Dade don’t vote) because it is repetitious and many citizens just don’t want to waste their time in doing it.

In the campaign itself the insult involved is disgusting, the innuendo persistent, and in many cases it is close to brutality. But we Americans are not interested in changing the process because we are a “CONSERVATIVE NATION.” Conservative? MY EYE. What we call to be conservative is to follow antiquated rules, and not serious regulation. Then, when we appear in the voting booth to vote for issues that we don’t really understand or believe, we are compelled to fill large papers controlled by persons who do not have any other thing to do than to look serious and wait until the few voters appear to vote for issues not important to them and important only for the politicians who will benefit.

Take for example the amount of money voted in favor of the, so irregular and filled with dishonesties, Jackson Health System, the place where the ADMINISTRATION uses a very large percent of the money for their salaries and expenses while the doctors JUST RECEIVE SMALL SALARIES and many have to moonlight to meet personal expenses. So, are we a nation, (or in this case a State) controlled by crooked ADMINISTRATORS, or are we still a nation of serious hard working, honest people?

With capital letters it is announced that the “ JACKSON’S $ 830 MILLION VICTORY” was approved by the voters. This money will come from a hike in property taxes. So, in other words, we the taxpayers will contribute to the economic upgrade of Jackson Memorial, the place in which (not confirmed numbers) I believe the largest admissions are for recently arrived ill person from . . . guess where? Mostly from Cuba. If you doubt this, go to the complex some day and listen – almost no English is spoken and a vast majority of the Spanish spoken is with a Cuban accent.

In actuality, we can say that the $ 830 million victory is only $ 829 million, when the salary of the administrator is close to one million dollars/year plus perks.

So we are charitable and Florida uses more money of the Medicare and Medicaid Funds than any other state of the nation, and the salary of the Jackson Chief Executive is more than the salary of our elected President, any senator or congressman. Of course the administrator has victoriously solved the irregularities of the Jackson and, almost every day new arrivals from other countries can benefit from our graces and then go back to their native land. Many get medical services for free and will, with no shame, tell you that they come mostly to get free medical services.

As you can easily see, the questions on the ballots were very important for some residents of the Miami/Dade area and, of course, being as it is, it mostly favors certain groups that are in the habit of being elected and re-elected. Such you take my place and I take yours. Is it a Mafia or what?

Look at the issue of the Convention center and it will be clear that there are interests from some people. It has been also commented that money under the table has been given.

So, in Miami we follow regulations and comply with having schedules to vote galore. Every so many months, (in certain cases, weeks) we have to go and vote, and vote again and again and we are faced with the duty of deciding for whom to vote. A very difficult decision to be made since, according to the accusations and insults NO ONE IS WORTH ONE MINUTE OF OUR TIME. Are we honorable, decent people or are we turning into a barbaric group of a brutally insulting crowd?

And, there we go and we have to be prepared to vote in case of a recount, or in case that one percent of difference is crucial for the final election, and more and more childishness that we call . . . OUR WAYS AND MEANS. So, it will appear that voting for the one with more funds and longer or more interesting political, racial, or ethnic background will be the right thing to do and will spare us from the UGLINESS of voting.

What a dishonest and vulgar way!  –  Alejandro Arce

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