Politics: Voters to Weigh-In On Miami Beach City Charter On Election Day

Voters on November 5 will weigh-in on some major changes to the Miami Beach City Charter. The least of which is the controversial Miami Beach Convention Center issue.

Another interesting and very controversial issue is whether Miami Beach should get involved in the medical marijuana issue or stay out.

Some of these issues seem to be very simple and straight forward. Should the City discriminate? Should the City improve public schools?

Read on for a better understanding of what you will be voting on:

Resolution No. 2013-28299

Prohibition of Discrimination by City Of Miami Beach in Employment Practices and Benefits Offered

Should the City adopt a resolution of the Miami Beach City Charter Citizens’ Bill of Rights to ban any and all discrimination in employment practices and benefits offered by the City of Miami Beach. This is based on an employee or applicant’s race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, marital status, familial status, or age?

Resolution 2013-28303

Improvement of Public Educational Facilities Available to Miami Beach Citizenry

Should the City of Miami Beach’s cooperate with the Miami-Dade County Public Schools, and with other appropriate governmental agencies, to improve the quality and quantity of public educational facilities available to the citizenry of the City of Miami Beach, Florida?

Resolution 2013-28302

City Assistance to Condominium and Co-op Owners

Should the City of Miami Beach acknowledge the purpose and duties of the City’s administration as assisting condominium and co-op owners to navigate through the City’s permitting process; facilitate resolution of other condominium-related issues with other outside agencies; and act as a liaison between condominium or co-op owners, management firms and the City?

Resolution No: 2013-28287

Citywide Referendum Required to Repeal or Reduce Protections in City Code Chapter 62 (“Human Relations”)

Should Miami Beach require a majority vote in a Citywide election to repeal, diminish, or otherwise negatively impact a right or duty that inures to the benefit of a member of the classification categories of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, familial status, and age?

Resolution No: 2013-28297

Voter Approval of Certain City-Owned Property

Should the city require majority voter approval before City’s sale, lease exceeding ten years, exchange or conveyance of Convention Center Parking Lots be changed to:

Require 60% voter approval instead; and

Include “Convention Center Campus” (all City-owned property within Civic and Convention Center District except Convention Center and Carl Fisher Clubhouse) within category of City-owned properties subject to 60% voter approval requirement?

Resolution 2013-28298

Convention Center Project:

Should the City enter into 99 year leases with South Beach Arts Culture Entertainment (“Tishman”) requiring payment to City of fair market rent on these City properties:

Convention Center Parking Lots;

Convention Center Drive;

Portions of Convention Center, Center’s air rights and parking spaces;

 17th Street Garage site’s ground floor (“Garage”);

For Tishman’s development thereon of:

 800 room hotel;

 20,000 square feet retail/restaurants north of 17th Street;

 70,000 square feet retail/restaurants in the Garage?

Resolution 2013-28296

Advisory, Non-binding Straw Ballot Question – Medicinal Marijuana Resolution

Should the City Commission adopt a resolution urging the Federal Government and the Florida Legislature to decriminalize and authorize the medicinal use of marijuana?

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