Profile: Air Race Chics

PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Kristen Jurn and Mayte Greco – Short Race Chics

On June 22 Ft Myers’ Page Field will be a-rumble with the roar of women taking to the skies. Why? Because it’s the 34th annual Air Race Classic, that’s why. And that means dames flying high. At press time there were 58 two-women teams slated to race, among them Kristen Jurn and Mayte Greco, better known as Air Race Chics, whothis year will be racing in a Centennial Model Cirrus SR22. Jurn, who’s been licensed to fly for nearly 20 years, and Greco, one of the founding pilots behind Brothers to the Rescue, will be competing in thisnine state, cross country, 2,483 mile powder puff air derbyall the while marking 100 years of women in aviation. And they’ll do so backed by none other than the Green Family Foundation, who has committed to offshoot the Air Race Chics’ carbon footprint by planting 1000 trees in Haiti. GFF has been heavily engaged in the island nation for a decade and a half (in fact Kimberly Green is on the ground there again now), and they couldn’t resist the opportunity to support these high-flying ladies of the skies and to help out a neighbor in need. “We commend Kristen and the other pilots in their innovative approach to raising awareness for both women’s issues and the issues facing such a fragile country as Haiti,” said GFF in a statement to SunPost Weekly. And we couldn’t agree more.

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