Profile: Alissa Christine

PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Alissa Christine – Beyond Photography

Who are you?
A creator.

What do you do in real life?
I am a working and exhibiting visual artist. Mostly a photographer, expanded forms of my artwork include fusions of photography, 3-d, lighting, movement, painting & sculpture… sometimes performed live. A selection from my personal project, ”i love miami 365®”, will be exhibited at the David Castillo Gallery this month. Currently, I am working on a commission creating multi-media/photo/lightbox art pieces for each room at the newly owned and renovated Marlin Hotel. I also shoot commercial projects and editorial for publication in National and International mags. I have been a resident artist of Sol Gallery @ CANDO Arts Co-op since 2009, where I have art on exhibit and work together with other artist members to organize, curate and run the gallery. (

What do you like most about what you do?
I live my passion.

What is your process?
Creation for me is experiential and experimental, and the evolution continues…

What inspires you?
…the pure & simple joys of every day life.

Explain Beyond Photography?
A common understanding of photography is that the picture is the end result. My work focuses on also using photography as a means to an end. Be it as an experience, a component, or a “canvas” for other incarnations. Some examples: “i love miami 365®” is a project created as a meditation of gratitude through photography. Also, I have used photography as live performance with a model dancer and simultaneous projection on a wall at the exact moment being shot, with all visual effects created in-camera (details:

What should we know about “i love miami 365®”?
“i love miami 365®” is a year-long daily photo documentary project created in celebration of life as it is witnessed at any moment. My mission is to stimulate consciousness and gratitude of the pure and simple beauty of everyday life. The photos weave together thoughts, inspirations, cultures, diversions, friends, strangers, locations and vibrations – from a local’s perspective. Some shoots were planned, some were guerilla encounters, and some days were serendipitous surprises. Each photo is captioned with a personal commentary along with the title, date, time and place. The entire year has been completely photographed, and the process of creating a coffee-table book and researching publishing options is underway. More details and images at:

Who are your current artistic icons or muses?
For as long as I can remember, my muse has always been the love in my life.

What age did you know that art was your thing?
…at some point in grammar school, when I won my first Art Contest with a watercolor painting.

What is your all time favorite piece?
Almost everything my mother has ever painted, especially “Sun Bird,” “Blue Lady” & “Tiffany Girl”.

How would you describe your personal style?
whimsically practical

What do you do now, that you did not do 5 years ago?
I get it.

What dream have you had that you have accomplished?
I am able to support myself through my artistic creations… also, having honored my goal to photograph Miami every day for an entire year… which is a huge achievement, because I rarely do the same thing twice.

If you had to move to a deserted island what 2 items would you take?
A good man who knows how to survive on a deserted island… and a boat.

Something new that you have just discovered about yourself?
…that I am in a constant state of discovery.

What are your guilty pleasures?
I don’t associate guilt with pleasure…

One luxury that you cannot live without?

Three Words to describe you?
I love life.

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