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PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Andres Garcia, Jr. - The New Face Of Men’s Skincare.

Andres Garcia, Jr. knows a little something about the need for and demands on men’s skincare products. Garcia was born in the U.S., grew up in Mexico City, worked in the “Telenovela” media and as a model, and moved to Miami for access to more major Latin channels and movie production. Since he comes from a show business family where his father and brother are also actors, he has modeled and acted in television and movies from the age of nine; he is used to wearing makeup — and taking care of his skin.

Men’s skin care tends to take a back seat to women’s in terms of product availability and marketing, but the former is no less important and essential and few recognize that as well as performers who spend their careers on the screen.

“Looking and feeling your best go hand in hand,” says Garcia. “I know that looking refreshed and put-together is important to my confidence and career. I can’t have shine on my face or dark circles under my eyes — no matter how little sleep I’ve had.

“Everyone is ‘on camera’ all the time these days– people are doing more video conferences, taking more pictures and posting on social media, even creating videos for their social and business affairs,” Garcia continued. “We are all more in the public eye now, so it’s important to look your best all the time.”

Given his experience and awareness it was a fortuitous moment when Garcia met the founders of Rex Skin Care, an innovative South Florida-based provider of highly sought-after men’s skin care products.

“At a charity event, I met Rex Skin Care founders, Monica Heftler and Maria Gary,” Garcia said. “They complimented me on my skin, and I realized I had left in a hurry and forgotten to take off the day’s makeup. With a career on camera, I’m often exposed to heavy makeup — sometimes for days at time, so the effects of repeatedly applying makeup and intense cleansing can take a toll on my face. They convinced me to try Rex Skin Care – and I did. I have access to some of the best skin care in the world through my work, but now, I choose Rex and it’s what I use every day.”

Garcia isn’t just a devoted fan of Rex Skin Care, he is now its spokesman and is helping spread the word about the unique and effective Rex Skin Care line of products – and their benefits in a social media-, video- and 3D-driven society.

Firm, smooth, age-defying skin is a sign of a healthy body and attitude. Rex provides easy-to-apply, masculine products, developed by leading medical specialists, for an enhanced appearance to suit a busy lifestyle. Rex Skin Care’s ingredients are the finest quality and their formulations are made in small quantities to keep the products fresh and effective. A little goes a long way in protecting skin against aging, sun damage and stress and Rex seeks to constantly update its line as technology and science offers new approaches to enhance healthy and handsome skin.

Rex Skin Care is the brainchild of South Florida locals. Maria Gary and Monica Heftler shared a friendship as well as a passion for the cosmetics and beauty industry. After an internship with one of the world’s largest cosmetic companies, Gary went on to an illustrious career on Wall Street and the financial arena, but always regretted not pursuing a future in the beauty industry.

Hefter has been a force in the beauty world with experience in beauty pageants. She is also deeply involved in the arts and an avid supporter of a number of charitable endeavors. She contemplated buying an established skin care company because of her affinity for one of its products, but then she and Gary met Garcia. As he shared his experience with men’s skin care, based on his experience as a model and actor, the synergies developed and Gary and Heftler saw their future — developing a needed skin care line for men. From the combination of entrepreneurial spirit, financial expertise and social connections, Rex Skin Care was born. Now men can benefit from the passion for skin care that these two women share, complemented by a savvy man who speaks from experience.

“I am happy to introduce a package of skin care essentials that are now the cornerstone in my grooming routine,” Garcia stated.

Rex Skin Care’s line provides soothing moisture, helps minimize the signs of aging and makes you look just a bit more perfect. Rex provides the utmost in luxury products — made for the discerning man — and is actively expanding its product line.

For more information or to shop for Rex Skin Care products, visit here.

 Written by Jeffrey Spencer Perry

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