Profile: Bradley Gutkin

From much-admired Bentleys and Ferraris to run-of-the-mill four-door sedans, South Beach Finest Hand Car Wash has seen and tended to just about all of them. The quaint establishment right off of 18th Street and Alton Road is owned and run by South African-born Bradley Gutkin, a hard-working business graduate who took over the carwash six years ago. Gutkin spent most of his years in the business world as a salesperson and later a sales executive, overseeing managers and members of a direct marketing team. Those years of experience shaped Gutkin in a number of ways, but the characteristic that stands out is his candid attitude toward his company. “I’m as honest as they come. That’s how I do my business. I don’t throw any punches,” he says. “I’m rigid. If something’s not done right, I will take care of it.”

Although Gutkin appears to maintain a consistent professional demeanor, the gung-ho worker still manages to engulf what little free time he does have in pursuing some stress-easing hobbies, including stamp collecting and sports such as football, basketball and soccer. These interests are apparent in the memorabilia and glass-encased envelopes scattered around his office walls and, if you’re lucky enough to attend, you might find the entrepreneur cheering on his favorite team at this year’s World Cup in his home country of South Africa.

Gutkin is a fastidious individual who wants nothing more than to see his business run as smoothly and efficiently as the high-end cars he oversees every day. He is a straightforward person who takes pleasure in being a sincere worker and maintains a business where the words “wash me” are more than just a curt request fingered on the back of a dusty old station wagon; they are a foundation for the only hand car wash on Miami Beach, where the customer is key. “We recommend and advise all our customers what needs to be done to their vehicles,” Gutkin says. “We never push them into it nor do we pressure them.” This approach has won his company numerous awards, high reviews and an ongoing loyal clientele.

Since splitting with his partner and taking over the local enterprise himself, Bradley has endeavored to maintain unswerving quality while both expanding and branching out. The award- winning business has evolved from simple hand washing to automotive, commercial and residential window tinting, down to minute details such as the re-dyeing of leather and reconditioning of headlights. Gutkin is a sturdy substructure for his community, proudly providing a service and keeping a watchful eye, ensuring that everything meets his high standards. If South Florida claimed more individuals who encompass themselves in pleasing its populace to the extent Bradley Gutkin does, we would have a brighter, stronger city.  –  Thomas Quick

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