Profile: Chris Russo


Who are you?

I am a transplanted New Yorker who came to Florida with expectations of great weather and a fun environment.

What do you do in real life?

For better or worse, MPower Project is my real life. When you own a mom and pop business, especially in the current economic environment, you don’t have the luxury of a lot of free time. But in real life I have always been in to ways of staying healthy and feeling good about myself.

What is your personal fitness philosophy?

Of course, the proverbial diet and exercise.  Lately I have learned more and more to appreciate strength training as I have sustained an injury that has kept me out of action for three months and promises to keep me out of action, except for cardio, for months to come. Guess I need a Personal Trainer!

What sets MPower Fitness apart from other gyms?

We have always prided ourselves in creating a friendly environment that makes clients feel at ease and they are part of a family. MPower is not your typical “meat market” or cold corporate paradigm that does not value client loyalty. In return we are loyal to our clients. MPower Project is your Neighborhood Gym!

Why focus on fitness?

Fitness is an avenue to a better quality of life. It’s proven that a focus on being fit makes you not only feel physically fit but also more importantly allows for better mental health and how we view ourselves. I like sharing that philosophy.

Why should we care?

If we value ourselves, our families and our friends, I think it’s our obligation to them as well as ourselves to look and feel good. No one likes to see anyone they care about abuse themselves by being self indulgent in a way that harms their body and mind.

What kind of community response have you had?
We have a wonderful community in Miami Shores, El Portal and surrounding areas. This includes, not only the residents, but other business owners as well. We enjoy supporting our local businesses as well as each other

What is your personal favorite workout?

I like to get “lost” on a treadmill. Although I get nowhere in a hurry, it eases my mind and takes care of a lot of those unwanted calories.

What one person that you have met in your life has made the biggest impression on you?

I would have to say my former video music business partner and best friend Tom. He taught me the value of creating something special and if you could make a few bucks at it -  WOW!

What do you do when you are not working?

Hang with friends mostly at their homes or mine. I can count my real friends one hand and they can count on me.

Something new that you have just discovered about yourself?

As I mentioned above I think the appreciation of being physically able to perform the basic things in life.  Gratefully my injury will be repaired I will be able to get my self back to being able to do what I like best: work out!

One luxury that you cannot live without?

Friends, good friends are a luxury.

Three Words to describe you?

Progressive, Determined, Aware

So what’s next for you?

Haven’t given it much thought. But after two years of building this new location I would love a month off!

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