Profile: Dionea Orcini


Dionea Orcini – Dreamer & Jewelry Designer

Who are you? I’m a dreamer and an adventurous person at the same time. I travel and do all sorts of crazy things continuously, like trekking in the jungle of Uganda with a family of mountain gorillas, or exploring the Amazon River in a wooden canoe. I love nature and animals and try to devote most of my life protecting both. I have a wonderful husband and two adorable dogs that make me happy every day. Aside from all that, I design jewelry and search for beautiful, precious gemstones.

What do you do in real life? I design fine jewelry and devote all my time to making this dream of mine come true. I work and draw day and night; I even dream and have nightmares about jewelry!

How do you get creative? Traveling and discovering new places always inspires me, particularly when I get the chance to be immersed in an unknown culture. But when I’m stuck at my desk working on a deadline, it’s music that takes me on a journey and fills me with ideas.

What’s has inspired you design-wise for your new collection? Sacred symbols and mysterious rituals always intrigued me. My new collections reflect the spiritual beliefs that are found around the world, from Buddhist philosophy to an ancient magical geometry from the vanished Sumerian civilization.

What materials do you work in? I work with 18 K gold, mostly rose and yellow gold because it gives nicer glow to any skin.  And of course an endless variety of colored gemstones and lots of diamonds – you can never have enough diamonds!

What is your favorite piece? I have to say that I really love all my double long rings because they make the fingers look longer and sexy, but the Romanoff-Crown-Eagle ring form the Imperial collection definitely has my heart. It’s a very mysterious black ring with black diamonds, blue sapphires and topaz.

How many lines do you have in this new collection? I have 4 different source collections – Sacred, Medieval, Arabesque and Mysterious. From those themes I developed 11 lines.

Who are your current style icons or muses? I find Angelina Jolie stunning in every possible way; I’m fascinated by what she does as a person and artist and how regal she looks. I would love to see my jewelry on her. And I admire Marion Cotillard, so impeccable elegant and feminine at the same time.

What about Miami surprises you the most? The weather! Never know what will happen next, but it is one of the things that I love about Miami the most.

How would you describe your personal style? David Bowie meets Sophia Loren! I’m in a perpetual dilemma, hahaha…

If you could have lunch with anyone famous, who would it be? Anyone? I would go for Casanova and Nostradamus aside from one being known as insatiable amante and the other one as a prophet, they were also true gourmet fanatics, great cooks and with plenty of things to talk about. Or maybe Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones, it would be a blast to hang out with them!!!
But keeping my selection in a more realistic realm I would say Dalai Lama and Tom Ford.

Where you’ll find me on a Friday night at 10pm? Having dinner with friends at either Altamar or Sardinia – and if not, I’m most likely stuck at my desk drawing, sketching and working until the next morning…

What books/mags do you have on your bedside table? I can’t even see my bedside table because it’s covered with piles and towers of stacked books and magazines. There are books on every possible surface, even on the floor. Navigating around the bed can be a true hazard, as I usually read several books at the same time and I want to have them all around me. Among those that I am reading right now are Walkers Between Worlds (a shaman mystery), Seven Houses in France (set in Congo, Africa), The Tell-Tale Brain (a neuroscientist talking about the mystery of our brain) and Faithful Ruslan, an AMAZING book told completely from the perspective of an abused guard dog in the Siberian Gulag during the Soviet era. I have the entire Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazars collections in every possible language, but prefer the Italian and French editions because they are more edgy. And then several more piles of architecture and design magazines.

Describe your personal style like a good friend of yours would? I try to infuse every day with a big dose of diva-glamour, and so my friends often tell me that I look like I stepped out of a classic Italian movie. A friend of mine found a nickname for me, which is actually a whole sentence and tells a lot: “Enter-la-Orcini!”

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