Profile: Elaine Lancaster


Who are you?

No, who are YOU asking me such personal questions and we just met…?! I’m just a small town country girl who found her way to the big city.

What do you do in real life?

First of all, What is REAL life? Are you asking what do I do for a living? Elaine is my business & honey, business-is-a-boomin’! I also have Commercial Real Estate Holdings that ad just a tad to my Quality of Life.

What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done?

Well, One time at Band Camp……I showed the boys my panties.

What song should play when you enter a room?

Dude looks like a LADY.

What will the name of your autobiography be?

Paid to PERCH….

What is your signature cocktail?

Elaine’s Elixir. Which is available on Monday Evening during my weekly dinner party called, Cafe’ Society at Bongo’s Cuban Cafe’ located in the Hard Rock Casino Complex 8:30pm.. It is made with Chambord Vodka, Strawberry Clove Syrup, Dash of Lime Juice, Topped with Champagne

Given a thousand bucks and no work the next day, what would be your ultimate night out in South Florida?

I’d go to dinner at Andiamo Pizza, take the left over’s home. Watch TV & chat on Facebook…go to sleep & put the additional $950.00 in my bank account.

Reality television seems to be a genre that just won’t go away, any thoughts on a reality show you’d like to do, what would it be called?

“The Elaine Lancaster Show”

What is one favorite kitschy thing about Miami that you adore?

A Legendary drag queen named Henrietta & her Ice cream swirl hairstyle…She makes me smile every time I see her. She’s a joy.

What is the one thing we should know about you?

If I can’t do it with LOVE I’d rather not do it.

What do you do now, that you did not do 5 years ago?

I’ve learned to let go of toxic people.

What passion have you had that you have accomplished?

I’m passionate about travel. The ability to see the world & I’ve been blessed to do just that.

If you had to move to a deserted island what 2 items would you take?

My sister’s Gulfstream IV & sunblock.

Something new that you have just discovered about yourself?


What are your guilty pleasures?

I’m never feel guilty about Pleasure…

One luxury that you cannot live without?


Three Words to describe you?

Determined, Loyal, Dependable.

You are playing Dolly Parton this weekend at Nick D’Annunzio B-Day Bash. What is that all about?

It’s going to be a good Old Fashioned Ho Down…with Salon Girls, Cowboy’s in leather chaps running wild & wallowing in the hay. I’ve heard Bull Riding as well, (I’m excited just at the mention of that)..! Of course Brian Antoni who is a South Beach Pioneer & author is also celebrating his birthday as well. This all taking place at Cafeina which is a fabulous space to run wild & have fun… I might even sing a song or two… I also have a special guest in from out of town who will be stopping by as a big ole Surprise shhhhh! It’s gonna be a good time. I just hope it doesn’t get too crowed so I can run around like the fool I am!!

What is next for James?

More acting, more loving, more travel, more Monday’s at Bongos, more beach, more money, more Art, more properties…

And Elaine?

More EVERYTHING.  –  Photo: Patrick McMullan

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