Profile: Jeffrey Landsman

PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: The Man Behind the Piano BarJeffrey Landsman
Who are you?
I am the person who people think I am. A son – Restaurant Owner

What do you do in real life?
I try to do good things.

How long have you been in Miami?
When I graduated from University of Maryland I moved down.

What did you do before Magnum?
Jeffrey’s Restaurant, owner. Festival Restaurant, waiter. Vinton’s, waiter.

What is the essence of Magnum?
Upscale. No attitude. Piano bar/restaurant and lounge.

What do you like most about what you do?
I help people to have fun and be happy.

What do you do when you are not working?
When you own your own business, you are always working.

Something new that you have just discovered about yourself?
If you truly want to feel and look better, eat and drink less. Rest and go to the gym.

One luxury that you cannot live without?
Being close to the sea.

Favorite Restaurant?
Low-key local spots.

Three Words to describe you?
A great guy.

So what’s next for you?
The Magnum is constantly evolving and to be part of it is all that one needs. I feel that I have duplicated the true essence of a piano bar with a wonderful restaurant. It is a very delicate formula; I thank myself for understanding what is needed. But I thank my employees for truly making it all happen.  –  Photo: Magical Photos/Mitchell Zachs

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