Profile: Lisa Corrao


Who are you? I’m a stand-up comedian!  I also have a couple of pretty cool side gigs…I do the Festival Flea Market Commercials AND host my own comedy radio show called, The Jerk Show that you can listen to at

What do you do in real life? This isn’t real?  That’s exactly what I was afraid of.  Man, it would be horrible if I woke up and was a Middle School Teacher again.  That’s what I used to do.  I was a hilarious teacher and always wanted to be a comedian.  One day, I left all of the wealth and respect of being an educator behind to tell jokes in front of strangers.  By the way, my students are now old enough to come to shows and hang out with me, which makes me the “creepy friend.”

What do you like most about what you do? I mostly like the writing.  It’s a fulfilling challenge to come up with original, funny stuff that makes people laugh.  There is no better feeling than a room full of people laughing at the weird little thoughts that come out of your mouth…the stuff that you created.  It’s addictive to feel that.

How do you get funny? Hmm, I don’t know if there is a way to get funny.  I think you either are or you aren’t.  I think only crazy people have things they do, like, “Well, I have this ritual where I turn the light switches on and off 3 times…oh and I have to beat up a hobo before every show or I find that I have a bad set.”

What’s inspires you? My comic peers who also work hard.  I know that if I’m not as successful as they are, then they won’t talk to me anymore.

What is your favorite bit? Whatever the newest one is.  Right now, it’s about people who sneak up behind you and cover your eyes, “Guess who?”…Hmmm, I’m guessing, somebody I don’t like.  It’s never anyone good.  “Brad Pitt!? …Is that you, you little devil?!”  Nope.  Ya know who it is.  It’s a dude who is annoying and has calluses and zero respect for personal space.  It’s somebody who would molest you if given the chance, “Peekaboo!…I see you!!…Tied up in my closet!”

Who are your current comedic icons or muses? I love Brian Regan and Bill Burr, and especially loved Bill Cosby when I was a kid…This answer is apparently brought to you by the letter “B” for some reason.  I also really look up to Joan Rivers for having been a strong, funny female in the business.

How would you describe your personal style? I would say that I’m sarcastic, and I especially enjoy telling stories and talking about real things.  I was never the kind of person who could remember street jokes, so don’t ask for any.  I just talk about my own experiences and make fun of stuff.

What do you do now, that you did not do 5 years ago? I travel!  Thanks to comedy, I get to travel the country telling jokes.  I love it.

What dream have you had that you have accomplished? I’m doing it now.  This is it.  I’ve always just wanted to be a stand-up comedian.  I just want to keep growing as a comic and get myself on tv as much as possible, so that my parents will know my career is legitimate!  Sheesh.

If you had to move to a deserted island what 2 items would you take? I would want a volleyball, so I’d have somebody to talk to and a pair of tweezers, so I don’t die with a uni-brow.

Something new, that you have just discovered about yourself? I just found out that I’m allergic to eggplant.  It’s my kryptonite!  That’s a pretty lame way to die…from a delicious plate of eggplant parmesan!

What are your guilty pleasures? I’m a foodie.  I search out interesting places to eat when I travel.  I have been on a quest for the perfect burger.

One luxury that you cannot live without? My iPhone.  I am still amazed my the technology of iPhones.  I really feel like I’m from the future for owning one.

Three Words to describe you? Funny, Lovable, Jerk


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