Profile: Manny Roman


Who are you?
I am a fun loving artist =)

What do you do in real life?

I am a Miami Beach – NYC based photographer.

What do you like most about what you do?
Being able to bring out the essence in my subjects thru my lens.

Absolutely love taking photos of?
I love taking photos of Romanian Supermodel Beatrice Chirita @ FRONT Management Miami. She moves like no other subject I have ever shot. We are best friends, so our chemistry helps, but from day 1 she was and still is a dream to photograph.

What do you typically shoot?

People know me most for my sexy, sandy beach shoots. Currently in New York I typically shoot Celebrity profiles and edgier fashion shoots.

Recent shoot you are excited about?

I am extremely exited about shooting Miss Universe 2010, Ximena Navarette, this week for Popular Hispanics. It will be shot on an edgier side, dark wardrobe pieces, saturated film with hues of blue and cyan filters. Ximena is a stunning model and can’t wait to be on set capturing striking shots of her.

Where do you find inspiration?
I find my inspiration in many areas from european films, locations, to fashion shows I attend during fashion week.

Who are your muses?

I would have to say Beatrice Chirita again. Google her and you will see why lol. She has it all! I would love to photograph IMG’s Joan Smalls. I have been sending this goal of mine to the universe it hopes that one day we’ll work together. Joan, can you hear me…. haha. Until then, I will keep manifesting it.

If you weren’t a photographer you would be…

I would be an elementary school teacher. Teaching them more then basic subjects. I would love to educate children about different cultures, the value of unconditional love, respect, communication, and show them that they truly are #1. Children need someone to listen to them and embrace their goals and dreams. It is extremely important for our youth to have a positive role model that will help guide them in becoming honorable men / women. All schools should have a subject for that. I’d be sure it was the last subject taught at the end day so that it makes a lasting impression.

How would you describe your personal style?
Very casual, Jeans and T-Shirt kinda guy.

What do you do now, that you did not do 5 years ago?
I have learned to listen more in order to learn more. That is what I do from day to day: ” Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn ” =)

What dream have you had that you have accomplished?
Traveling to to Dubai.

If you had to move to a deserted island what 2 items would you take?

Baby wipes and my camera haha.

Something new, that you have just discovered about yourself?

My ability to tarnish toxic relationships. Before I would hold on because I would think about the years and time invested, but in reflection I realized that without overcoming those adversities, I would’ve never realized my potential, strength, and will power to go on.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Banana White Chocolate Martinis and NYC’s Lombardis Pizza =)

One luxury that you cannot live without?
My MacBook Pro

Three Words to describe you?

Loyal, Loving, and Blunt.

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