Profile: Master Sang

As you step through the doors of Master Sangs dojo, a sense of total calm overcomes you. Possibly, the understanding of a spiritual awakening to come. But this serenity is at odds with the fierce, high-energy martial arts sessions Master Sang has proudly conducted for the last twenty-years.

Growing up in Korea, Sang trained and mastered his form in Tae-Kwon-Doe and Muay Thai and in 1983, left the East for America and Miami Beach. He went to Beach High and then Florida State where he honed his athletic skills as a field goal kicker for the FSU Seminoles.

He returned to the beach, with plans to open a martial arts training facility, which he did on 71st and Collins Avenue, where he could teach his mix of martial arts called TNT. A blend of Tae-Kwon-Doe, Muay Thai, and Boxing, which relieves the incessant structure of formal Tae-Kwon-Doe training while still managing to teach discipline and respect.

It is within his adult classes where TNT makes its bang, drilling his protégés with consistent workouts and self defense routines that develop mind, body, and spirit. This understanding of the art and it’s teachings has rewarded this dojo with not only a loyal and selective clientele, but with recognition as the 2010 martial arts school of the year by Tae-Kwon Doe Times.

The popularity of his program did not come easy to Sang, a combination of integrity, public recognition and hard work made it successful. Master Sang has received his sixth degree black belt, been recognized with a proclamation by City of Miami Beach and holds three different Keys to the City, listing October 3rd as Master Sang Day.

Hollywood came calling in 2000 and the martial artist landed a role in Rush Hour 2 and again in 2007 where he taught and fought Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 3. His most recent acting endeavor, is a role in a TV pilot called, Chaos.

The mentor accepts students from almost any age group including the Little Tigers program (ages 3-6) and a Junior class, which consists of students ranging from the ages of seven to twelve.

“My goal is not to teach them just to become a fighter but I’m more focused on giving them life guidance; making sure they gain confidence, making sure they obey mom and dad cheerfully and do well in school.” Says Sang. “I like to teach them that goals we set are goals that we get”

One thing is for sure, no matter what Sang does or where he goes or how many awards he gets, the martial arts master will always keep his heart and mind with his students. Teaching honor and respect and enlightening them with dignified morals. It is these eminent teaching methods that have those from around the world hoping to one day learn from the master, Master Sang himself.

 Master Sangs South Beach facility is located on 1420 Alton Rd. Miami Beach. Info here.  –  Thomas Quick

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