Profile: Michael Grieco


Who are you? Criminal Defense Attorney

What do you do in real life? My work is pretty real, but I am also a father of 2, a husband of 1, and when I am not fighting the good fight in the courtroom I am either in the gym, chasing my kid around the park, or having a drink on the beach somewhere.

What do you like most about what you do? I don’t have a boss.  When I worked for the prosecutor’s office or a firm there was always someone to answer to that knew less than me.  Now I do things my way and I’ve been pretty effective at it.

Why Law? I figured I would put my big mouth to some use.  It was either this or stand up comedy, and I don’t think everyone thinks I’m as funny as I do.

What is the DUI Diversion program? It is a new program in Dade County that affords some first-time DUI offenders the opportunity for a charge reduction if they satisfy certain requirements over a 6 to 12-month period.  It isn’t easy or cheap or available to everyone, but some are taking advantage of the opportunity because successful completion means he or she can have the case sealed by the Court.

What is your claim to fame? I got Mickey Rourke and a few other notables out of trouble over the years.

What do you do for good? (Charities etc.) I put a lot of time in at Miami Children’s Hospital as a charter member of the Young Ambassadors Board and a Diamond Society Donor.  I am also an appointee to the Miami Beach Community Relations Board and Chamber of Commerce Pillar Trustee Board.

And Bad? People assume that because I represent people accused of criminal activity that I do a lot of bad, but the reality is that anyone can get arrested and not every arrest is valid.  Over the years I’ve represented plenty of folks that never thought that they would be in handcuffs, including doctors, lawyers, real estate developers, etc….so the answer is no.

Do you get creative? When I am preparing trial I am forced to.  I always need to come up with new and innovative ways to connect with the jury.

What’s inspiring you now? My youngest son.  He has been struggling through some developmental issues and I figure if he can put in the work at age 2 then I have no excuse at age ____.

You sometimes DJ, where? In a previous life I was doing nights at Automatic Slims and Rokbar, as well as gigs in the Caymans, Orlando and Charlotte…then I had a kid and had to get up early on the weekends too.

Who are your current style icons or muses? David Beckham?…guy can rock a suit, isn’t afraid to take his shirt off, and has a comparable number of tattoos.

How would you describe your personal style? Unless I am in court, I have a necktie allergy. I even wore sneakers with my tux to the recent black tie Chamber Gala. Comfort is key.

What do you do now, that you did not do 5 years ago? Stretch before I work out and change diapers.

What dream have you had that you have accomplished? Success while being myself.

If you had to move to a deserted island what 2 items would you take? Excluding my family….my Playstation 3 and a blender.

Something new, that you have just discovered about yourself?

That I am not in my 20?s.  I have been told that happened a long time ago.

What are your guilty pleasures? Naps, Guinness and Fantasy Football.

One luxury that you cannot live without? My IPhone.  Probably not the most original answer, but I have the thing taped to my head.  I’m a 24-7 guy and every one of my clients has my cell number.

Three Words to describe you? Cocky, Winning, Jedi

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