Profile: Paul Schwieger & Tony Major

PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Paul Schwieger and Tony Major – Father & Son Events

Who are you?

Tony Major and Paul Schwieger: Tony is from the Bahamas and has lived in Miami for over twenty-five years.  Paul grew up in Miami; left in 1969 upon graduating from Miami Springs Sr. High; and moved back last summer to live closer to his parents.

What do you do in real life?

(Tony)  I have more than 25 years of experience producing dynamic events, public relations and marketing.  I have produced events locally and nationally for corporate, urban-culture, travel & tourism and the hospitality industries.  I also serve on the Board of the Martin Luther King Foundation.

(Paul) I have over twenty years of business experience, principally in San Francisco, California.  Most of my work has involved developing and implementing business plans and working with start-up companies in various industries; prior to that I taught statistics at the University of Wisconsin.

How long have you been in Miami?

Tony – almost 30 years; Paul grew up here and moved back one-year ago.

What is the Father and Sons Festival?

(Paul) The Festival will be a day of activities featuring educational forums and motivational speakers.  It will include food, fun, sports, games, music and entertainment that fathers, sons and the entire family can share in.   Additionally there will be appearances by celebrities, athletes and special guests.

What is your connection to the Father and Sons Festival?

(Tony and Paul) We serve as ushers at Trinity Cathedral in downtown Miami.  In late January Tony described an idea for an event, this festival, to Paul.  After a brief discussion they decided to work together to make it come to pass.

Why focus on father and sons?

(Tony) I am a divorced, single father with two sons.  I know first-hand the difficulties men face today being the best possible fathers.  I wanted to create an event that brings attention to and celebrates the father-son relationship.

Why should we care?

(Tony) It is important to remind men that whether they are married or divorced, they are in one very important relationship – they are their children’s fathers.  By bringing fathers together we hope to drive home this important point;  we hope to give them skills and knowledge they can use to be better fathers; we hope to build a network of fathers supporting fathers, that men can call upon to help them as they work hard to be the dads possible.

What kind of community response have you had?

Paul) We have had tremendous support from the community, without which we could not have created this event.  Many people and organizations have volunteered their time, resources and contacts to the event.

What one person that you have met in your life has made the biggest impression on you?

Both of us would have to say it is our parents.  (Paul) I like to tell people that I attribute my good qualities to my parents, and accept full responsibility for all my faults.

What do you do when you are not working?

(Tony) Spending time with my sons; play basketball, jogging on the sand at South Beach.  (Paul) My children are grown and I am a grandfather.  In addition to talking to them I like to bicycle, read and listen to music.  Both of us are active in our church.

Something new that you have just discovered about yourself?

(Tony) The great joy I get from creating events that bring enjoyment to others. (Paul) I have begun to think about my legacy, about what contributions I make in my life.

One luxury that you cannot live without?

(Tony) The spiritual energy I receive from my involvement with my church.

(Paul) The love and enjoyment I get from spending time with family and friends

Favorite Restaurant?

(Tony) Joe’s Stone Crabs

(Paul) Chop House Miami (formerly Manny’s)

Three Words to describe you?

(Tony) fun, loyal and motivated

(Paul) hardworking, recovering perfectionist,

So what’s next for you?

(Tony and Paul) We are looking forward to planning more family events.


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