Profile: Sean & Karla Saladino and Baby Asha

PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Sean & Karla Saladino and Baby Asha – The Ice Cream People

Who are you?

Sean: I have been called many things, but most recently it is the Ice Cream Man!

Karla: Same here but lately happy being nothing but a mommy!

What do you do in real life?

Sean: I scoop ice cream, make sandwiches and change diapers. A long ways away from my club days, but I am much older and slower now. PS. The diapers and sandwiches are done separately just in case the Health Department is reading this!

Karla: I am a mom!

How long have you been in Miami?

Sean: I have lived in Miami for 14 years!

Karla: I have been between here and NYC for 13 years

Why an ice cream store?

Karla: We decided to grow up and have a family and we wanted to build a business that we would want to come and enjoy with our friends and family.  It is also a great way for us to watch the community come together with their children and friends!

How did you come up with the name?

Sean: It was originally Miss Moo’s, but we (I mean my attorney) felt it was a possible conflict with some other ice cream store. So technically he came up with the name.

What sets your Mooies apart?

Sean: It is a no holds barred approach to ice cream. We pretty much let the kids run wild. We put the games out on the tables, sidewalk chalk, bounce houses and let the sugar take over. We didn’t want there to be a plain old ice cream shop.

What do you do to give back to the community?

Karla: We have done a lot of donations to community events, churches and local groups.

We also have formed a downtown association that will be doing monthly street closings and events on NE 2nd Avenue.

What do you love about Miami Shores?

Karla: We love the fact that it is a tight knit community that really cares about their families and the well being of the community.  Living in South Beach was fun but ideally not somewhere I would want to raise my child so when we moved to Miami Shores it just reminded me of a small town in a big city, it is not too far from anything and it is a local community where you know your neighbors.

What would you change about Miami Shores?

Sean: The SEWER SYSTEM. This is the reason we are not a bustling downtown community like Lincoln Road, but we are working on it.

Why should we care?

Sean: You should care because these small town communities are what gives Miami its diversity. These places are also where great ideas are born and should always be explored by other communities. A lot of people have put their blood sweat and tears into their businesses and without the support of outside areas, these places will disappear and your only choices will be Cheescake Factory, and Starbucks. Miami Shores has some amazing and unique stores and restaurants, like Cote Gourmet, Village Café, Norberto’s Deli, A&A Village Treasures, and Flower Bar.

What kind of community support have you had?

Sean: The community of Miami Shores has been amazing. Without them we would not be here. The Mayor, the City officials and all that make up Miami Shores have been nothing but supportive.

What one person that you have met in your life has made the biggest impression on you?

Asha Porfiria Saladino (our little girl). She is the greatest thing that we have ever done. We look at her and can’t believe she is ours.  We live for her laughs and smiles!

What do you do when you are not working?

Sean: Ummmm. I am I am always working. I tell Karla,”Let me work now and I promise we will spend the rest of our lives traveling later.” She doesn’t buy it though.

Karla: Since I’ve met him he’s been saying this! Lately I have been changing diapers, dancing with Asha and listening to toddeler tunes with her!

Something new that you have just discovered about yourself?

Karla: The strength we have to function on no sleep! When Asha first came home from the hospital we were juggling parenthood and a new business on no sleep. Thank god now she sleeps thru the night.

One luxury that you cannot live without?

Sean: I don’t know if it is a luxury, but I cannot live without Red Bull! I hope someone is listening from that company, because I am going broke on that stuff. You can send the cases to Mooies!

Karla: I have since replaced my Chanel bags for a diaper bag but usually its my Chanel bags.

Favorite Food?

Sean: Anything Karla cooks, but specifically her Mexican food. I know that sounds cheesy, but she is one of the most amazing cooks, and since all we do is work it makes it that much better when she has the time.

Karla: And I love Sean’s ribs! He is also an amazing cook! His paninis are AMAZING as well, I guess that is what gave us the idea to add paninis to our menu, all our friends that would have them at our house said we should sell them, so we are!

Three Words to describe you?

Karla: Loving, stubborn and free spirited

Sean: Hard headed, focused and in love with my girls.

So what’s next for you?

Sean: Well since we just had baby Asha, I am going to take it easy for a bit and play with my little girl. She is the most fun I have had and does not compare to creating any new projects.

Karla: I would love to do another children based business, perhaps a clothing store for children or something like that.  I am in the process of organizing a mommy and me night at the shop on
Wednesdays.  We will have fun events like clothing and equipment swaps, and we will all share mommy tips and do other fun stuff so our kids can all play together and the moms can all meet each other!

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