Profile: Ted Vernon

Putting a lid on life was never an option for this jack-of-all-trades. New York born Ted Vernon began his lust for triumph at an early age with nothing more than a short ration of cash and an eagerness to head south. “I had a thousand dollars, that’s it. And I owed money too! I wound up trading down the east coast, buying and selling off my trucks like a gypsy.” says Vernon.

The thousand dollars was able to get him several two hundred dollar antique cars that would in turn, promise some profit. After moving from New York to Cleveland and then from Cleveland to Philadelphia, Vernon ended up setting up stage in Virginia. But, South Florida was calling to him and he has spent the last 40 years reveling in her song.

Although auto dealing and collecting was a grand passion, being let loose from the big city freed Vernon to pursue his interest in entertainment. He has worked in the ring as a professional wrestler and as a professional boxer he has held a twenty-one to one winning record. His love for the entertainment business, nudged him in many directions where he has become a writer, actor, and executive producer.

On the production side, Vernon has had his hand behind the screen on films like Village of the Damned, Scarecrows and his most recent production, Death Print. His acting resume is quite beefy as well with cameos in The Unholy and The Victims, as well as a stint on the acclaimed USA series Burn Notice (Season 3, Episode 10 “The Dark Road”).

But Vernon has not stopped there. He has also dabbled in the world of music where he sang for a doo-wop group known as Ted Vernon and the Bulldogs that broke up eight years ago.

Now working with Accord Productions, Vernon plans to participate in about two movies a year, leaving him free to pursue his first love, automotives. He still gets a thrill buying, selling and trading some of the most classic four wheelers in town. Cars like his 1926 black Essex, a sleek ride that resembles a Bonnie and Clyde getaway wagon, or his 1939 orange Studebaker that looks like it’s begging to hit the strip. And then there’s Vernon’s pride and joy, a 2000 Bentley Azure. It’s easy to get blown away by Vernon’s astounding collection of classic cars, even for those who don’t know a Buick from a Bentley. But, it’s his eccentric, larger than life personality that comes out to play when he is elbows deep in antiques and Americana that proves that life in the fast lane is a feat and not a phase for this collector. “I’m in the fun car business.” states Vernon. “I’m not some kind of used car dealer who wants to take your fillings out. That’s just me. That’s what I do. I play, I have laughs, I treat people fairly, and I do a whole bunch of cars.”  –  Thomas Quick

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