Profile: Xiomara Arroyo


Who are you?

I’m a shoe designer.

What do you do in real life?

A wife and mother of two beautiful daughters.

What do you like most about what you do?

I love that I can design from anywhere. I also like to see my designs evolve from an idea or sketch to an actual product. I’ll never forget the first time I was out at a party and I saw someone wearing my shoes. It was such an exciting and satisfying moment!

Why Shoes?

Why not? Shoes are a statement piece! They allow you to transform your look very easily. I can be wearing jeans and a top, and when I add a pair of my platforms or wedges, I suddenly feel more glamorous, stylish, uplifted…shoes can change your entire look and the way you feel.

How do you come up with the designs?

My family and my experiences are a big influence on my designs. I also love color and love incorporating it into my collections.

What makes your shoes special?

I am 5’1” and my husband is 6’2” so 90% of the time I am wearing heels and wedges to make up the difference but finding something comfortable wasn’t always easy so I wanted to incorporate comfort into my designs. I wanted to create something stylish and sexy, but that also felt good to wear.

What is your personal favorite?

My personal favorite is the Sofie platform in any color. I just came out in three new colors, shimmer green, shimmer gold, and shimmer brown, and I have been wearing my shimmer brown pair a lot. They’re very versatile and perfect for the season. I can dress them up or down for day or night. I also love my new Ella wedges especially when I’m with my daughters since I can literally run after them when needed because they are so comfortable. This is a very important requirement for a mom on the go with a one year old!

Best selling so far?

My best selling so far is the Gaby platform and the Ella wedge. The Gaby is a very soft, feminine and flirty design with a flower on the front. The Ella is more striking, yet extremely versatile.

Do you create other accessories?

No but I would love to do handbags some day.

What styles of shoes do you like?

I like all styles but wedges are my favorite.

What styles of shoes do you dislike?

Can’t think of any!

Who are you shoe Muses?

I’d have to say the women in my family. I come from a dominant group of women and they are full of life, and make great Muses for my line.

What inspires you?

My husband and my daughters.

What influences you most?

My surroundings influence me most. The places I’ve lived in and visited – I pour those experiences into my designs.

What books/mags do you have on your bedside table?

On my TAB I currently have Port Mortuary by Patricia Cornwell.

Describe your personal style like a good friend of yours would?

Simple, comfortable, and easy with a pinch of extravagant.

One luxury that you cannot live without?

Shoes, of course.

Tell us about your involvement with Sheckys Night Out?

We will have our full Xiomara Lisette collection this Thursday and Friday at Shecky’s Girls Night Out, including several new designs and holiday-inspired colors. It’s a great opportunity to get to know our line and we’ll also have some great deals on select designs. There will also be cocktails and goodie bags for everyone who attends so it should be a really fun evening!

TO GO: Shecky’s ‘Girls Night Out’ event taking place Thursday, November 17th and Friday, November 18th at the Moore Building in the Design District and at the St. Thomas the Apostle
2nd Annual Holiday Bazaar on Thursday, December 8th located at 7377 SW 64th Street, Miami.

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