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PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Tamra Sheffman and Becky Ritter – Flying For the Cause

Who doesn’t like to fly? Or race—especially in Miami Beach? Few people have put these two things together like Tamra Sheffman who lifted off with copilot Becky Ritter on June 18th to compete in the 2010 Air Race Classic, the world’s longest all-women transcontinental air race.

These instrument-rated pilots are participating in the 2500-mile, cross-country 2010 Air Race Classic that commences this year at Fort Myers and finishes up on June 25 in Frederick, Maryland. Teams consist of two female pilots flying for four days under Visual Flight Rules in a course using navigational skill and flying experience to determine the journey leaders and eventual winners.

Calling themselves Team Flying 4 Awareness to highlight their organization benefiting cancer education and awareness through aviation, Sheffman & Ritter invite individual and corporate sponsors to help offset costs and entry fees—with a large portion of the funding going to breast cancer education and awareness.

This “big-hoopla” event garners lots of publicity and encourages women and young girls to learn to fly while celebrating aviation history. This year commemorates the 100th anniversary of licensed women pilots!

Come and see them take off Tuesday, June 22 from Page Field in Ft Myers. Fifty planes will head nose to tail into the wild blue yonder, one every minute or so.

Sheffman, with over 1880 hours of flying time, is past Chairperson of the Florida Goldcoast 99s International Organization of Women Pilots. She lives in Miami Beach with her husband Ron, and enjoys dancing and skiing. As co-owner of a Cessna 182 she gets a “bird’s eye view” of Miami Beach and other properties and, as she says, loves to fly for fun, food and proficiency. This, her fifth Air Classic race, she’s describing as “an awesome cross-country flying adventure!”

Sheffman is owner and broker of Royal Palm Realty in Miami Beach. A leader in Beach real estate since 1978, she also invested in local commercial and residential properties, and has owned and operated various Art Deco and MiMo buildings. Tamra is also a director of the Florida Association of REALTORS, as well as director and past president of the Miami Beach Association of REALTORS. And, she serves on the Advisory Board of the Jewish Museum of Florida that presented the Air Race Classic as part of the Florida Jews in Sports exhibit. She provides extensive expertise in assisting buyers and sellers of residence and property investments in beautiful Miami Beach and the Greater Miami area.

Described as confident, competent, caring and inspiring trust, Tamra is ready to meet a challenge cheerfully—in real estate or in flying! Professional and efficient, Sheffman takes pleasure from working with the “cultural stew” that is Miami.

Becky Ritter is a private pilot with 700 hours flying time. Flying has been very important to her; it’s how she met her husband Terry! Ritter enjoys the tremendous freedom of flying, and says she is ready to “soar to new heights” in her first Air Race Classic!  –  Jeffrey Bradley


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