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 There is a new and powerful group of entrepreneurs that have been doing business on Miami Beach in the last few years. This elite group are young, dynamic, adventurous, risk-takers that have become the foundation of our economy. Doing big deals and moving millions of dollars through our city. Some are the sons and daughters of the Miami Beach old guard and some are new, having moved here from other cities, drawn by the South Beach mystique. But as a group, they have staked their claim in business. Beach Business.

We are calling them, The Movers – A group of dynamic, young successful businessmen and women that have been behind local business. Doctors, Lawyers, Developers, Architects, Agents, Realtors… Guiding Miami Beach into a new era.

The recent election on Miami Beach, reflected this new dynamic, with the youngest group of elected officials taking office that Miami Beach has seen in a long time.

One such MOVER is Howard Chase, a visionary who started his own boutique Realty Company, Howard Chase Real Estate, that he has guided to success by dealing in people and service.

Chase, 33, is extremely proud of his accomplishments and credits his parents along with his love for Miami Beach as the key components to his ongoing success.

The SunPost will continue to profile these young MOVERS in future issues. What follows is an interview with our first MOVER, Realtor Howard Chase.

How long have you been on Miami Beach?

I moved here in 2005 after working in Los Angeles but it feels like longer than that.

What do you like best about living here?

Tough question! I love the people. Miami is such a melting pot and that makes for a great city. The outdoor lifestyle with this incredible weather is pretty special too. Mostly, I love the accessibility and walkability of Miami and Miami Beach

We have just elected a new mayor, If you were mayor, what would be the first executive decision you made?

Free mojito’s for all! Only kidding .. There are several areas we can improve as a city, from the flooding to the traffic, but I think the focus needs to be on community activities and maintaining the beach town neighborhood feel amidst our growing landscape. Miami-centric activities like the ING marathon, the Lincoln Road antique market and the closing of Ocean drive during new years and other major events really adds to the attractiveness of Miami as a place to live and do business. As we continue to grow as a city, I think a point of emphasis should be to retain that community sentiment.

What do you think the current mayor should do about the convention center?

I am a proponent of significant expansion including retail, residential and hotel components. Despite our relatively small geographic dimensions in comparison to other major cities across the country, Miami Beach plays an enormous role in the advancement of Miami as a city. We are the gateway to South America and a destination city for Europeans. A robust and attractive convention center will serve to elevate our city across economic, cultural, educational and recreational levels.

What is your stand on the preservation of old homes on Miami Beach?

It has a place. Our real estate is among the most beautiful in the world and its important we maintain it. That being said, the designation of a home as historical is often restrictive for homeowners who want to do home improvements or modernization. The designation of a home as historical should be the decision of the homeowner. I am certainly in favor of the historical designation for the the art deco hotels and commercial buildings on Ocean Drive and similar areas, they are part of what gives Miami its character.

How is the economic environment on Miami Beach right now?

Bustling! Our office is on 14th and Washington in South Beach so we have a pretty good sense of the economic climate on a day to day basis. Our 2013 commercial transactions are up from 2012 and 2012 was up from 2011 for both leasing and sales. Volume is higher than ever on a transactional level and commercial prices are on the rise. This renewed commercial vibrance is good for everyone and has a direct relationship to the residential rebound.

Do you see an upturn in buying in Beach Real Estate?

Certainly. We are busier than ever and Miami Beach has become a year-round destination. With all the development in Miami Beach and up the coast to Sunny Isles and Aventura, Miami is in the national and international news on a daily basis. We are leading the way in the US with year-to-year gains of nearly 30% in some sub markets like South Beach, Brickell and Sunny Isles.

Who is buying on Miami Beach?

The world, chico and everyone in it! We have clients from countries far and wide including Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela, France, Germany, Italy, England, Spain, Canada, Kuwait, Dubai, Switzerland, China, Japan, Indonesia and several more. Our clients are domestic too, lots of New Yorkers, Bostonians and New Englanders come to Miami to escape the cold weather up north while clients from Las Vegas and California often buy in Miami for work. Our clients are from around the globe.

What major projects are you currently engaged in, in Miami and Miami Beach?

We are scouting locations for a second office which is really exciting. Our team has grown exponentially over the years and our flagship office in South Beach will remain, but we are ready to expand. I love the Brickell area, we are looking in Mid Beach too.

You are young and successful, what is the key to your success?

My parents. I learned the principle of empathy at a young age and have applied it to my professional career. Dedication to the accomplishment of my client’s goals is my only focus in a transaction. I demand that from the professionals I engage and I deliver that to my clients with consistency. It is paramount to their success. I also believe in continuing education and I’m a fanatic for new technology. This has contributed to the success and growth of Howard Chase Real Estate.

What do you tell new Realtors?

Prospect! It is hard to help clients if you don’t have clients. Prospecting is the most important part of the business.

What advice would you give a college graduate on their future choices?

Do what you enjoy .. money and success will come. Graduate school is a fantastic choice for furthering your interests in a constructive way. I worked after college and then did my masters degree at FIU, the experience was fantastic.

Which projects or accomplishments are you most particularly pleased with or proud of?

It is a daily feeling of pride to see the realtors in our company succeed. Our training program and our coaching and mentoring programs are a particular source of pride for me. The realtors at Howard Chase Real Estate who commit to the training program have significant and repetitive success and that is gratifying for me on a personal level.

What continues to inspire you?

Each happy client, making my family proud, helping friends and clients accomplish their goals; those are a few running inspirations for me. I also very much enjoy my work and the intracacies of each deal.

Tell us one thing that no-one knows about you?

I have wanted to play professional basketball my whole life! Perhaps in my next life… for now, I’ll stick with closing real estate deals.

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