LIVE BLOG: This Space Reserved

While the unreported numbers of graffiti artists are roaming the streets in search of a clean canvas, one can’t help but notice the slow moving squad cars. Miami, particularly Wynwood, is known for its endless walls of sprayed creativity and during previous Art Basel weeks, the police seemed to focus other criminal activities. Let’s just hope their presence is to keep our city safe and not to squelch the creative process. What is remarkable is that for the most part, there is a respect among the street artists. They tend to not “add” to someone else’s work and in fact, they will even respect a “reserved space”. If you drive around at this time you will notice walls sprayed with arrows stating “this space reserved” and the artist’s tag.

However, there’s always one in the crowd who lacks respect. Note how this one artist chooses to paint over another and adding “fight me here 7pm”….#notdeservingatag

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